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Safety and Compliance for Irish Businesses: Would you benefit from Retained Safety Services?

By June 19, 2023 No Comments

Safety and Compliance for Irish Businesses: Would you benefit from Retained Safety Services?

In Ireland, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees and your stakeholders is crucial for the success and longevity of small and medium-sized businesses across so many industries. Reducing costs and forgetting about your safety obligations is a sure way to stop your business growing. We can act on your behalf and have your business compliant without the need of hiring a full time safety expert for your business. 

Compliance with health and safety regulations not only protects personnel but also safeguards business operations from potential risks or expensive compensation. Salutem Advisory and Training recognises the unique challenges faced by so many Irish organisations, especially in industries such as healthcare, construction and manufacturing. That’s why we offer our specialised Retained Safety Services (RSS) on a monthly/annual basis. In this short blog post, we will try to outline the benefits of a RSS, highlighting how it can enhance safety, streamline compliance, and bring peace of mind.


Cost-effective Safety Expertise for Irish SMEs:

We provide Irish small and medium-sized businesses with the opportunity to access dedicated Safety Advisors without the cost of a full-time employee. We understand the financial constraints faced by SMEs and offer a cost-effective solution to ensure expert safety guidance and support. Our seasoned professionals bring industry-specific knowledge and experience, assisting organisations in the healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and other sectors in navigating safety challenges efficiently.

Tailored Health and Safety Management:

Our monthly service allows us to develop an in-depth understanding of the unique risks and safety requirements within your business. We get to know your business.  We tailor our approach to each industry, whether it’s healthcare, construction, manufacturing, or others, to create comprehensive health and safety management plans that align with specific operational needs. By acting as your in-house Safety Advisor, we provide ongoing support and help implement effective safety measures that address the industry-specific hazards and regulations relevant to your organisation.

Legal Compliance Assistance:

Navigating Irish health and safety regulations can be complex, particularly for SMEs. Salutem Advisory and Training’s RSS offers valuable assistance in complying with legal obligations. We stay up to date with the ever-changing legislation and industry standards, ensuring that your organisation remains compliant and minimises the risk of penalties. By keeping you informed of regulatory updates, we empower your business to maintain a proactive approach to safety management.

Access to Competent Expertise:

We are committed to being the best in Ireland and providing our clients with the expertise they require.  You can be confident in designating us as the competent persons on your projects. As experienced health and safety consultants, we offer specialised knowledge and expertise in the healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and various other industries. By relying on our competent expertise, you can address health and safety queries confidently, knowing that you have a trusted resource available to guide you through potential challenges.

Industry-Specific Training Courses:

Salutem Advisory and Training provides a wide range of industry-specific training courses tailored to meet the needs of Irish businesses. We can even offer bespoke safety and training courses for your industry. These can be in-person or online as required.  We offer training programmes designed for the healthcare sector, construction industry, manufacturing facilities, and more. Our courses cover essential topics such as risk assessment, emergency response, fire, abrasive wheels, workplace safety, and industry-specific regulations. By participating in these training programmes, your employees can enhance their safety awareness, skills, and contribute actively to maintaining a secure work environment.

Nationwide Coverage for Irish Businesses:

No matter where your Irish business operates, our Retained Safety Service offers nationwide coverage. We get on the road and visit you as often as required.  Whether you have multiple locations or operate across different regions, our team of safety experts is dedicated to providing consistent and reliable safety support throughout your organisation. We understand the regional nuances and specific challenges faced by businesses in different areas of Ireland, allowing us to adapt our services accordingly.

Cost-effectiveness for Irish SMEs:

Our Retained Safety Service offers Irish SMEs a cost-effective solution to ensure compliance and mitigate risks. By proactively managing safety and preventing accidents, organisations can avoid financial burdens associated with workplace incidents, injuries, property damage, legal disputes, and reputational harm. Investing in our RSS not only protects your employees but also secures the continuity and success of your business operations.

Let’s work together

With our expertise, industry-specific training, nationwide coverage, and commitment to legal compliance, we act as your dedicated safety partner. You can enhance safety, streamline compliance, and ensure the well-being of your employees. Let Salutem Advisory and Training support your organisation in creating a safe and productive work environment. Simply message or give our team a call to discuss your requirements.