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Register For 2024 Aid Response Refresher Course

By January 23, 2024 No Comments

Register For 2024 Aid Response Refresher Course

Introducing 2-day Refresher Course aimed refreshing your memories of what you have learnt on first aid response before.

The PHECC FAR programme is designed to meet the first aid and basic life support requirements that a person known as a “First Aid Responder” may encounter in the workplace. In addition to CFR skills the FAR possesses defined skills in the further management of a patient who has become suddenly ill or injured in the pre-hospital environment until emergency services arrive.

Delivered by our qualified instructor at our training facility or at a venue chosen by you.

The course takes 12 hours to complete and is ran over two days.

To book, visit us online at [email protected] or call our team at 057 93 50026. If your preferred date isn’t available on our website, reach out to us directly. We actively update our course offerings regularly