Health & Safety Management Includes the Wellbeing of Employees!

Employers – it’s important to remember this, even in these current trying times… As business owners, we are all struggling to get through this worsening situation so early in the year. So we can be sure that if we are struggling, so too are our employees. Last year we were buoyed with the newness and fear and willingness to protect our families and staff. We felt the encouragement that this was short term pain for […]

Work from home audit

Working From Home – Ensuring Your Team’s Safety & Wellbeing

With more and more people continuing to work from home, it is important that businesses and organisations ensure the wellbeing, health and safety of staff in their home environment. Are your team are at home now for the long haul, or temporarily due to current restrictions? Either way, it’s essential as a business owner that your staff are in a safe, productive and appropriate environment. As an employer, the following is advised: Assess your team’s […]