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We specialise in providing consultancy, advice and training in all areas of Occupational Health, Safety and environmental management. Based in Tullamore, Co. Offaly, our training facility is in the heart of the Midlands, easily accessible from all areas of the country – just 1 hour from Dublin and Galway, and 1.5 hours from Limerick.

We work with a wide range of industry sectors including Healthcare, Construction, Demolition, Waste & Recycling, Quarrying, Retail, Manufacturing, Transport, Agriculture & Event Management.

Our work with clients ranges from ad -hoc assignments to the provision of on-going support via our Safety Advisor Service. Our team are happy to discuss the best plan for your business – we work with you to implement ideas and strategies to ensure you are fully compliant and up to date across all channels.

We strive to listen to our client’s wants and needs and respond with a range of options that can be integrated into their business processes. We pride ourselves on our pragmatic, common-sense approach to help our clients minimise cost and maximise buy-in from their team.

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December 2022
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International Epilepsy Day 2021 #TimeSafeStay

International Epilepsy Day 2021 – Monday 8th February In Ireland, one in every 100 people suffer with Epilepsy. This amounts to 40,000 people living with Epilepsy in Ireland. Research conducted in January found that 87% of people underestimated how many people suffer with this condition. Many were unaware and assumed very few people experience it, when in fact it is quite common. A few facts about seizures: They normally last approx. 2-3 Mins Tonic – […]

Health & Safety Management Includes the Wellbeing of Employees!

Employers – it’s important to remember this, even in these current trying times… As business owners, we are all struggling to get through this worsening situation so early in the year. So we can be sure that if we are struggling, so too are our employees. Last year we were buoyed with the newness and fear and willingness to protect our families and staff. We felt the encouragement that this was short term pain for […]

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Salutem Advisory & Training – We can help your business with health & safety AND training!

The Midlands Health & Safety Specialists In this week’s blog post, we felt it important that we talk a little about ourselves for a change! We want to give you an idea of what we have to offer. To show how we can help you or your business. And also give you a little background information about us and what we’ve done previously. A bit of background… We have been trading in Axis Business Park, […]

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  • That the health and welfare of everyone involved are paramount, staff and clients.
  • To provide a practical common sense approach to our services which adds value to our customers.
  • To provide consistency & a top-quality service
  • To continue our personal professional development so that we may provide the most innovative and effective solutions
  • To meet the demands of an ever-changing market and lead our clients through the labyrinth.
  • Create an atmosphere of continuous improvement, welcome creativity & respond flexibly to new ideas.