Breda Colgan Talking about going back to the office during COVID Midlands 103

Breda Colgan – Radio Interview on Taking Care of Business – Going Back to the Office

Breda Colgan was interviewed on Midlands 103 about protocols with regard to going back to working in the office. Have a listen for information on what is expected of employers and businesses with regard to bringing staff back to the workplace. Breda answers a number of questions raised in relation to going back to the workplace at this time. If you listen from 17 minutes into this show you can hear Breda’s interview. If you […]

First Aid Training Tullamore June 2021

First Aid Responder Courses in Tullamore, Co Offaly

Here at Salutem Advisory & Training, Tullamore, Co Offaly – our most popular course is definitely First Aid Responder training and it’s refresher. The HSA specifies that an Occupational First Aider is a person trained and qualified in Occupational First Aid – (Chapter 2 Part 7 General Applications Regulations 2007.) As of September 2017, the management of the Register of Trainers and the provision of training certification has been managed by PHECC (Pre-Hospital Emergency Care […]

Health & Safety Tullamore

World Safety & Health at Work Day – 28th April 2021

Here at Salutem Advisory & Training, we celebrated World Safety & Health at Work Day last week with an action-packed day of live events. Hosted by our Managing Director, Breda Colgan, we held four separate events aimed at four different industries. The webinars were created to offer advice and updates on various areas of health & safety. COVID updates, legislation information, compliance advice and Breda’s own vast knowledge on safety and health in the workplace. […]

Blog post on employee burnout

Frenetic Burnout: The Other Side of the Pandemic Facing Essential Workers

While many businesses up and down our towns and cities remain closed, the flip side there are many essential services that are open and, in some cases,, busier than ever. Ask any essential business and their response is, “I can’t complain we’re open and working away.” While those that are closed are facing enormous struggle, there is pressure in being an essential service. That too is taking its toll on the mental and physical health […]

Health & Safety Tullamore

World Health & Safety at Work Day Webinars – 28th April 2021

World Health & Safety at Work Day is on the 28th of April 2021. Salutem Advisory and Training will be hosting a number four webinars on this day to support businesses in a number of different sectors including: ✅Funeral Directors and Undertakers ✅Physiothreapists, Pilates Instructors and Holistic Therapists ✅Hairdressers and Beauticians ✅Childcare Workers Funeral Directors and Undertakers Our first webinar will run from 10:30 am – 11:00 am and will address Health and Safety at […]

Salutem Advisory Training Tullamore

Health & Safety in Schools: A Webinar for Principals & Teachers

Thursday 25th February kicked off the first of our 2021 Webinar series hosted by our Managing Director, Breda Colgan. Health & safety in Schools: A Webinar for Principals & Teachers. To start the series, we felt Health & Safety in Schools was a very current, very relevant topic! Did you join us for the live event? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback? From emails and comments we’ve received so far, the webinar was […]

Health & Safety training Offaly

International Epilepsy Day 2021 #TimeSafeStay

International Epilepsy Day 2021 – Monday 8th February In Ireland, one in every 100 people suffer with Epilepsy. This amounts to 40,000 people living with Epilepsy in Ireland. Research conducted in January found that 87% of people underestimated how many people suffer with this condition. Many were unaware and assumed very few people experience it, when in fact it is quite common. A few facts about seizures: They normally last approx. 2-3 Mins Tonic – […]

Health & Safety Management Includes the Wellbeing of Employees!

Employers – it’s important to remember this, even in these current trying times… As business owners, we are all struggling to get through this worsening situation so early in the year. So we can be sure that if we are struggling, so too are our employees. Last year we were buoyed with the newness and fear and willingness to protect our families and staff. We felt the encouragement that this was short term pain for […]

Online learning

Salutem Advisory & Training – We can help your business with health & safety AND training!

The Midlands Health & Safety Specialists In this week’s blog post, we felt it important that we talk a little about ourselves for a change! We want to give you an idea of what we have to offer. To show how we can help you or your business. And also give you a little background information about us and what we’ve done previously. A bit of background… We have been trading in Axis Business Park, […]

Breda Colgan Training Salutem Advisory and Training

Connect & Learn at Lunch Webinar 1: The only constant at the moment is change!

Tuesday 17th November kicked off our monthly webinar series ‘Connect & Learn at Lunch’ hosted by our Director, Breda Colgan. After 9 months of constant change, it’s starting to take it’s toll on people. Changes in adults, children – it’s been tough on everyone. Such a stressful time for most people!Although some have thrived with the slower pace, the restrictions on all areas of life and work are challenging to say the least. It’s time […]