Covid compliance at work

COVID Compliance in the Workplace – Facing the challenges of a global pandemic

Our Business – Adapting & Evolving

It has been a turbulent time for many businesses with the ongoing challenges of working and living with a global pandemic.

Salutem Advisory & Training provide businesses and organisations with consultancy and training in all areas of occupational, health, safety and environmental management. Like many other businesses, we have not only had to adapt the way in which we deliver our services, we are also offering new services.  

We believe it is our willingness to adapt and learn new ways of working that have ensured our survival. We have been an essential support to many companies during these unprecedented times. We now offer a number of our training courses and consultancy services online, keeping up with the current demand for non-contact training and advice.

One of our newest and most relevant services, is offering businesses COVID-19 Compliance support and mentoring. We also help businesses and organisations develop their own custom ‘Business COVID Response Plans’ which are now a Health and Safety requirement for all businesses by law.

Salutem Advisory are well-placed to support businesses during these difficult times due the vast amount of experience we have gained over many years in all areas of occupational, health, safety and environmental management.

We are continuing to offer businesses and organisations  24 hour support, 7 days a week even through Level 5 restrictions.

If your business needs any support in the areas of COVID-19 business compliance or occupational health and safety contact us today.

To help you ensure COVID compliance within your company, we’ve developed the following quick checklist for your perusal:

Quick Checklist

  • Update your company’s safety statement
  • Update any risk assessments & include COVID on any relevant risk assessments
  • COVID Business Response Plan & checklist – available from us online here.
  • Ensure all of this information is communicated to your employees clearly whether they are in the office or working from home
  • Update any training / validation /certification that may have fallen behind or lapsed during this or previous lockdowns / periods of closure. All essential i.e. legislatively required training and/ or inspections must be up to date
  • Ensure appropriate PPE and approved hand sanitizer are always available to employees
  • Add sign in & out forms to ensure a record of PPE between employer and employees
  • Implement supervision and monitoring of the measures that are in place are upheld and maintained at high standards (e.g. minimum 1 month supply recorded, continuity with record-taking, clear and concise written or typed documents)

Always refer to the Department of Health for up to date pandemic information. Also, the HSA website for information and advice, specifically their section on COVID-19 Advice for Employers & Employees.

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