Salutem Advisory here to help businesses prepare for operation during COVID-19

All organisations will face challenges operating for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic as our economy begins to reopen. At Salutem we have developed a 3 step approach to ensure your organization is ready to operate. We fully appreciate that businesses may/may not have their own safety officer, so we are here to help navigate this situation.

Step 1: We will complete a One to One initial needs assessment either by phone/online.

Step 2: Following a review of the initial needs assessment there will be a follow- up consultation with management /supervisors to discuss COVID-19 specific risks and control measures that need to be implemented within your organisation.

Step 3: We will produce a customized webinar briefing regarding your workplace and COVID-19 measures for all employees to meet legal compliance.

We will help ensure that this information is disseminated so everyone has a clear understanding of the importance of the new operating procedures & the necessity for compliance.

We will provide you with ongoing support during the implementation and will be available to answer any questions you may have following rollout.
Call us on 086 817 8087 for more details.
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